Dear Garnier, will you ever stop trying to convince me that you are a ‘natural’ product? You aren’t. You are not even nature inspired. Maybe the Europeans look at your green bottles and touched up ingredient images and swoon over you as a nature-inspired concoction. Fact is, in India, you are as natural to us as blonde hair and blue eyes.

No amount of green on your packs is ever going to convince us that you are. And you know why? Because the very definition of natural for us is someone that we relate to – at least on some level.

  1. You are not Ayurveda
  2. you are not herbal.
  3. You are not organic
  4. Your “natural ingredient” story is laughable
  5. Most of your models in communication are either firangs that we never assume will ever use natural products or Indian celebs/semi celebs who for some reason speak like they have an speech impairment only for your TVCs

Your mumbo-jumbo of molecules is barely understood and you have spent years and millions ensuring we never do that. Even your logo with the leaves around the ‘G’ looks like magnifying glass instead of anything natural.

People buy you because you are the first step to using L’Oreal. And if one must buy L’Oreal because “they are worth it”, one buys Garnier thinking they will one day be worth it to buy a LOreal. You are yet to be Indian. It will be a daunting task to be one since we rarely see anyone as Indian unless they tug on our heart strings in some way. Lets face it, all of your Garnier communication has zero emotional values presented for the brand. You are all product or to paraphrase, all body no soul.

It is the reason why we may look at you admirably, we may even want you but we will never love you. You may speak our language, but you still haven’t spoken the magic words. The consumers are never to say “I love you” first in a relationship. Don’t hold your breath for it.

Meanwhile, go ahead and plan some more gimmicks like shampoo+oil, we will all hug our Patanjali Keshkanti behind your back. We will also secretly laugh at your other range called “Ultra Doux” -your more recent attempt to make things natural. Really? In what world will “Ultra doux” be relatable to Indians as a brand name?

We do hope you drop the act. If you don’t intend to be one of us, you might as well go whole hog to be a snob memsahib mocking the country cousins to polish themselves to follow into your footsteps  so they can one day be worth it too à la L’Oreal

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