How often do you encounter a brand that actually embodies the Indian womanhood completely? Rarely. Eons ago Titan Watches stumbled onto something so uniquely beautiful I wondered if it was years of hard work or one of those rare lucky moments. The absolutely unashamedly sensuous sensibilities of Raga – their female watches ‘sub brand’ for the lack of a better word. Raga was an embodiment of the desirable desi woman. Ethnic, Indian and down right sensual.


There is this stupid thing marketers do, we refuse to let our female consumers feel remotely sensual. Think about it, women in Indian advertising can be sexy – to cater to male fantasies but God forbid they limit themselves to being sensuous and in control of their sexuality. Raga tapped into the most basic Indian truth around women – an Indian woman who owns her curves and proudly drapes herself in a sari is so much more sensual than a confused urban Indian girl who apes everything she sees on the cover of a Cosmopolitan.


Marketers and brands have been making Indian women feel inadequate and ugly ever since those 2 exceptions called Aishwarya Rai and Sushmita Sen won the useless pageants. The fact is most Indian women are short and curvy. And they are freaking gorgeous. Raga was bang on with Indian sensuality.

So imagine my disappointment that now all I see is Lanky Bollywood 2nd grade heroines being signed up for the brands promotions. Just makes me wanna yell – Stay true to the core !!!

Create an ambassador if you can’t find one!


What I also do not get, a brand that is for women, about sensuality (at least I think so) about being feminine, Indian in ethos and has an iconinc Mozart tune as its identity – how come I have never seen Madhuri Dixit gracefully gyrate with her Indian thumkas to that tune?


Forget the fact that I very sure of – some marketer out there thinks she is old and the brand needs to get younger. The fact is across every single consumer research I have been a part of in the last 2 years, from ages 16 to 60 she is the definition of classical and graceful ethnic Indian beauty.


I see a missing campaign in Raga’s brand book. A campaign where Madhuri Dixit grooves to that tune with perhaps a Salman or Aamir in an Indian household set up. Where a romance is rekindled for one of India’s most iconic brands. And it ends with a sensual silhouette of a woman that goes on to become the logo for Raga as an independent brand.


Titan may have been a great endorser brand but with all its challenges, Today it’s a stone around Raga’s neck. Slowing it down. Of course Raga would not fly independently till it is unshackled.


Titan is following the done to death road map of getting younger Bollywood girls on board in a lame attempt thinking it would make the brand younger. It won’t. Raga was never about age and never will be. Its about an Indian woman preserving and owning her Indian sensuality. Stick to it.


To quote George RR Martin from his books, Dear Raga, “To go forward you must go back


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