It is so sad to see a brand with enormous potential being choked by the organization. Kelloggs never had a chance to begin with in India with an uphill battle of bringing cereals to a country where breakfast is hard to distinguish from a lunch or a dinner or dessert. From aaloo paranthas to poha. From Idlis to actually jalebis!


The journey has been interesting with launch of a plethora of products prime among them Chocos – which differentiated highly on the flavor and addressed the kids segment.


Then along came Special K – 2 week challenge to get thinner. Now that was a proposition! Who does not want to lose some weight? Breakfast has already been built up to have some connection to weight loss. It appealed to the modern sensibility of an evolving and more exposed urban class.


Which is why it was heartbreaking to see Special K go to #NoMoreExcuses and weight management. Weight management is inherently such a passive and status quo premise. It is like saying to consumers – we do nothing. Well congratulations, you don’t taste remotely as good as my breakfast of decades and to top it, you don’t give me any benefit either! Great going!


Nobody wants to manage weight. Everybody wants to lose it. The promise of dropping a size and a visible difference was what made Special K – SPECIAL. Now with management, it is no longer special. It is no longer appealing, interesting or calling for any action.

To put it in internet slang, it’s a Meh-K not Special-K anymore.


Best of luck trying to push this down people’s throat.


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