As far as I remember, India’s first major prolific teaser campaign is something that the beverage brand Frooti undertook with Digen Verma. Though Everest communciations, the creator of the campaign apparently did not view it as one in the conventional sense. None the less, in times when there was little exposure to the concept of viral marketing, Digen Verma broke clutter and got people talking about it. The outcome was the repositioning of brand Frooti in an attempt to increase its association with young adults.

Alas, that was one of the few impactful teaser campaigns. Most brands now undertake a preview of their campaign deeming it a teaser. In reality, few of them have any teaser element to it at all. There may be a few twitter hasthags around it but very low genuine interest. I personally view teaser campaigns as a form of art that has seduction at its core. It is not about how you get people talking about your brand, it is how do you elicit an interest in the story you are keen to tell. In an era driven by impressions and market shares, the art element in marketing is certainly under threat.

The last attempt at a good teaser campaign was the launch of Durex denim condoms in India. People spoke about it, there was a lot of press activity to promote the idea and yet, there as so little organic noise. The tech promoted trend achieving marketing never delivers the results that an organic word of mouth does. Which brings me to one of the best and I am very sure an unintentional teaser campaigns I have come across – Baahubali2

The magnum opus movie Baahubali ended at a cliffhanger of a note- the death of the title character at the hands of his faithful aide Katappa. The year was 2015. This week witnessed the release of its concluding part Baahubali2. Between the two, an unending teaser campaign was under way titled “Katappa ne Baahubali ko kyun mara?” – “Why did Katappa kill Baahubali?”

Internet memes, built in jokes in multiple sitcoms, internet mailers, whatsapp jokes, the question became a part of everyday conversation in this nation of over a billion people. All at practically zero cost. If this isn’t a good teaser campaign I wonder what is! The makers unintentionally perhaps unleashed one of the biggest teaser campaigns in India.

So as the news trickles in that Baahubali2 has raked in over Rs.100 crore- (a billion) in a single day, it re-enforces my belief that a good old teaser campaign backed by an amazing content can create an impact like few other things can.


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