You know how you never think of some brands and then suddenly you encounter something which makes you turn around and look again? Well that happened with Everyuth recently.

For the uninitiated, Everyuth is probably India’s first hard core home grown skin care brand which pitched the use of natural ingredients for skin care

The most vivid recollection from the 90s is probably with their Peel off masks. However, as competition heated up, one saw lesser and lesser from this brand which had the vision to come up with Peel Off masks, Face Scrubs, Foot scrubs and Face wash in the 90s. Brands like Garnier, Himalaya etc. were nowhere close to it and have far surpassed it backed by heavy investments and a strong on ground presence. One must wonder, why did the organization have such little faith in such a strong brand? It still is still very relevant in the niches that it operates in.

Coming back to what made me think of them – a recent commercial launching their new face wash. You can check it out on the link below

Now see, this particular commercial very subtly breaks down a lot of category codes; and breaking codes just gets me going like few things do! The protagonist is shown to have a pimple and yet she hasn’t lost her confidence. She is not seeking help from a friend or a sister. She is no damsel in distress. When was the last time that you had a protagonist in a beauty product commercial who refused to be bogged down by “log kya kahenge” ? One wonders if this route to challenge the hard core Indian phenomenon of “log kya kahenge” is conscious on the brand’s part. One also hopes it is!

The brand has put across a very well concealed feminist statement – that a girl does not have to lose confidence basis what she looks or hears about her. Done with a dash of humour, it bristles no feathers. The tagline of “Pure Skin, happy Har din” is a bit cryptic but works at a subliminal level. The attempt seems to be to pitch a happy girl as a role model and not necessarily a glamour doll.

I would have preferred if the protagonist was not so conventionally good looking though. An unusual and quirky face would have had a much bigger impact. But baby steps I guess; they are after all selling beauty.

A little background research shows there has been a new creative agency on board – JWT. A quick google also throws up a complete overhaul of the brand’s look and feel. From the dated transparent packs of 90s to the blue packs to the most recent ones. Clearly the brand is picking up the pieces and trying to move ahead with a firmer foot. The work in the recent year or so seems impressive. There is a synergy with the look of the products and the communication. While the creative agency has done a good job, differentiated too if I may add, my hunch is the brand has begun to carry the imprints of a bolder brain from the organization’s end as well.  People are the brands and the brand reflects its managers. There is clearly a younger and sharper mind in organization tinkering with the brand pushing an otherwise coma induced brand to become active and beat to the rhythm of popular trends & culture of evolving demographics.

There are a lot of strong points the brand has wrapped into this commercial. Will it bring the brand back into public consciousness? Well that depends on whether the organization will finally bet on the right horse. The market is cluttered, competitive, unforgiving and no miracle will happen without adequate eye-balls. It will take 3 to 5 years of intense exposure to make a dent and re-gain mind space that the brand has lost.

Given enough visibility, we may see a brand that can bridge the gap between Patanjali and all others. Now that would be one sweet spot to be in! Will have to keep an eye out for this one.



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